Monday, 28 February 2011

What a Day

I couldn't believe this morning.  Woke up to discover the boiler had gone wrong.

So decided to telephone the bank to make an appointment for tomorrow to set up an account for Swimming After Surgery (SAS) simple you would think.  No!!  There are no direct numbers now to the branches and calls go through a national call centre.  I got through at 9.20 am and was advised I would get a call back wtihin a couple of hours.  This didn't happen and after 7 telephone calls I eventually got an appointment for tomorrow.  The lady who made it said "Why didn't you contact the branch directly?"  So I politely told her why this had not happened. 

Once the account is set up I can then finish off funding application.  This is to be done online before Sunday.

I am making slow progress with my Level 1 homework and hope to complete this before Sunday when I attend the pool again for training.

I am now enrolled on a Lifeguard course commencing 4th April.  Can't believe where my swimming journey is taking me.  I had no idea I would be doing what I am when I first started training as a poolside helper.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Wonderful Week

What a week I have had. 

It has been hectic approving articles for various publications and a live radio interview at the beginning of the week.

Now I am busy applying for funding for Swimming After Surgery (SAS) to keep it going after the end of March.  Fingers crossed I hope to achieve this goal.

I have had several sleepless nights which can be testified by the times my emails have been sent out.  One person said "Do you ever sleep, as I have noticed the time that you send your emails through?".  I replied "I do things constructive when I can't sleep and then return to bed in the hope I can sleep better".

It is a challenge at the moment to keep things going and I certainly hope that I can keep Swimming After Surgery (SAS) afloat. 

Have a good weekend everyone.

Best wishes

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Last night was another session of Swimming After Surgery. 

Little did I know how much benefit this project would have.  One lady had almost become a recluse with a fear of going out since her surgery.  Sewing the seed of the idea of the project to her a couple of weeks ago had meant she chose to come along earlier rather than later.

I was so pleased to see the improvement within an hour.  I tied a woggle into a knot with two ends outside of the knot and held each in my hands.  Off I set playing at being a motorbike.  I passed her the tied woggle and off she set walking across the pool holding it. 

To make her laugh I grabbed another woggle stuck it between my legs and swam this is referred to as being a seahorse.

Because I was playing around and not caring how I looked this broke the ice and things really got moving.

I then asked the coach if she could teach me diving.  The coach was more than willing to help with this.  Unfortunately when I was attempting the dive fear took over but instead of giving up.  I decided I would attempt jumping in.  This worked.

I am not going to give up on trying to dive I will just try harder next time but not to such an extent that I get anxious about it. 

I know I can surface dive and last night I managed to dive right to the bottom of the deep end.

This journey is certainly encouraging and is uplifting. 

Best wishes


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Swimming After Surgery

Swimming After Surgery has certainly kept me busy this week.  Promoting it on Monday night with Bosum Buddies a breast cancer support group was a good experience.

Tonight I have been to the Swimming After Surgery session.  This was really good for me as I have been working on my own fears in the water.

Now I can do handstands, surface dives (didn't even realise I was able to do those), swim underwater and through hoops.

I do have a bad habit of my behind being stuck up in the air so the coach suggested I try sitting on the bottom of the pool.  If I had been asked to do this a couple of weeks ago I wouldn't have even attempted it.

I am learning various things not only with my own swimming but how to put what I am learning on my Level 1 course into practise.

I love swimming and I love the journey it is taking me on.  It isn't all easy but I am learning a lot.

Best wishes

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Feeling Guilty

Hi Everyone,

I did say when I first started this blog that my life is a roller coaster well nothing much has changed in that aspect.

Having started the Level 1 course I have to stick at it no matter what.  It is my mother-in-law's 80th birthday celebrations this weekend and the family have come to visit her.  I went yesterday but cannot be there today as I am training.

My husband will spend the day with her today as well as the rest of the family.

Last night I received a telephone call from my nephew to say my great nephew is seriously ill in hospital.  I know they need support but I am committed to the course especially as the swimming club have paid for it.

On top of that I have a hospital appointment tomorrow morning for myself and another thing I cannot cancel.  I haven't told my nephew as he has a lot of his plate already.

I am in the midst of trying to save Swimming After Surgery (SAS) and obtain funding to keep it going.  This means visiting people with leaflets and letting them know the benefits of swimming after surgery.  I have a meeting tomorrow night to promote this too.

Tuesday is the Haematology Support Group which we have been keeping ticking over to ensure that anyone who needs the group can still access it.

As you can see I am busy but feel torn in several pieces as I feel I should be with my nephew but can't due to the course.  If I can get cover for other things I will get there as soon as possible.  If not, I will certainly be there on Wednesday. 

Life is full of challenges and this is my biggest one. 

Last night I was so distraught my neighbour came in and calmed me down.  I managed to get some sleep I just hope I can do today justice and keep my mind on the training.

Best wishes to everyone.