Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Active Lifestyle Awards Oakengates

Last night I attended the Active Lifestyle Awards at Oakengates Theatre. 

I wasn't there to obtain an award I had been invited by a fellow volunteer of Ican2.  I have never been to an evening like it.

It was an amazing evening with so many wonderful inspiring stories of young people.

There were stories of various people who give up their time to help others voluntarily.

After the award ceremony I met Eric Smith from BBC Radio Shropshire.  What a lovely man.  He was really interested in everyone and made mental notes of who everyone was and what stories they had to tell.

I also met up with some old contacts who helped me in 2008 and I hadn't seen since as well as some new faces.

It was a wonderful evening and one I will never ever forget.

Best wishes to everyone.