Thursday, 27 May 2010

Sunday 23rd May

I awoke with a cough and sore throat. Oh dear will I be able to make this evening's event?

We telephoned another participant in the sponsored swim to enquire if he was still up for the challenge. It was arranged we would meet him at the leisure centre at 4.45pm.

We then telephoned two other participants and arranged to collect them to take them to the leisure centre at 4.30pm.

I was anxious, worried and nervous as to how the event would go. I had got myself a bit worked up as I hate being late but I needn't have worried as I got there in plenty of time.

I was asked if we wanted lane ropes put in. Knowing how long these can take to put in to a swimming pool, I decided not to take this course of action.

As soon as we could enter the pool I went done the sloping steps and swam over the far side of the pool.

It was then the challenge began. 80 lengths of the pool = 1 mile and that was the challenge I had set myself.

My wonderful husband was assisting with the administration of the event as he preferred this course of action. He also looked after the sponsorship money I had already been able to collect prior to the event.

I was lucky as I had wonderful support during the swim from a swimming buddy that I attend the adult only sessions with on a Sunday night. We had planed that at 40 lengths we would have an energy drink. He had bought these for us both. As we headed towards the shallow end we shouted for the drinks to save some time. We had some sips and set off again.

My energy drink was in a silver can with a blue label a log in red and yellow and is described in two words written in red writing. This made the assessment team laugh.

I was so thrilled to be able to complete the full distance in a hour and 10 minutes.

I am proud of my achievement and hope I will be involved with future events.

Best wishes


Monday, 17 May 2010


Well I did a trial run last night ready for the sponsored swim. I hit the water at 5.05 pm and eventually got out of the pool at 6.55 pm.

Just over the hour I had completed 62 lengths. This was the time my mind had started to wander and I hadn't realised I was day dreaming. Not having anyone around me at the time to keep me going I spluttered when water went into my mouth and I realised I was meant to be swimming in the deep end. This shook me to reality and I continued my swim.

By the time I got out of the pool I had completed 102 lengths. A friend who was with me wondered if I would be able to stand up as when he had done his first mile his legs felt like jelly.

I took the initial steps out of the pool and was delighted I could walk in my normal manner back to the changing room.

I just hope next week goes smoothly and I achieve my goal.

I will keep you posted as to progress so far sponsorship raised is well over £100.

Best wishes


Monday, 10 May 2010

Sponsored Swim

Well one thing leads to another and here goes the next challenge.

I came up with the idea of raising funds for the local swimming club I attend by doing a sponsored swim. My aim is to complete a mile which will be 80 lengths in total at the local pool I use.

The event is going to happen on the 23rd May and start at 5pm.

Why am I so determined to do this in May? I have yet another operation looming on the horizon on the 25th June and this will put me out of action for a while. So I struck while the iron was hot and decided to go for it.

Now like with my writing I have doubts of can I do? Will I be able to do it all? What will I do if I fail? I am being as positive as I can be and just going to follow the advice the coaches give the children taking part in galas. That is "if you know you have tried your best that is all we can ask of you".

So watch this space and I will let you know how I progress.

Best wishes