Saturday, 20 March 2010

I really feel part of the team

I attended the Swimming Club last night, the secretary of the club came to find me by poolside and gave me a t-shirt with the club logo on it. I know finally feel part of the team.

I was not as tired as I had been the week before and managed to stay for the whole two hours.

It was a pretty eventful night but one I thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately as I was undoing the lane bolts I managed to drop one in the water. Luckily another member of staff had children who had been swimming in the pool so he fetched one of them to help retrieve it from the water for me. While they were in the water fetching the one I had dropped I managed to make the same mistake again so they fetched it for me. This happened at the right time otherwise the child would have had to change into their swimming costume again to retrieve said bolts.

My colleague told me he had done the same thing a few times and made me feel better about it.

I am slowly beginning to retain names and faces of the club members. It is a slow process but I am getting there.

One thing we did last night was get the children to play water polo this is a fun way of getting them to put their heads underwater without realising they are doing so as they are concentrating so much on grabbing the ball. This activity also teaches them team spirit and we ensure everyone is included especially the little ones who tend to get ignored.

I went home tired but extremely happy.

Things are certainly improving and I am happy with what I am beginning to achieve. I love helping others and I am learning a lot thanks to the support of the club.

Best wishes to everyone.