Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Swimming After Surgery (SAS)

Swimming After Surgery (SAS) sessions are held at Short Wood Primary School Pool, Limekiln Lane, Wellington TF1 2JA AT 6.30 - 7.30 pm on Wednesday evenings.

These sessions are currently aime at ladies recovery from breast cancer surgery.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in attending these sessions or want further information then please telephone 01952 371941 for further information or to book a place.

Best wishes


Good News at last

Having attempted to complete my first ever funding application form in time for a deadline in March 2011 and successfully submitting it and posting further information off as it was required I waited with baited breath.

Last week I received good news in that a cheque arrived for the full amount I had requested in my funding bid.  This means that Swimming After Surgery (SAS) will continue for 12 months thanks to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Also the Lions Club of Ironbridge and Severn Gorge and Rotary of Wellington have kept the project going while waiting for funding from Macmillan Cancer Support.

I now have other fundraising ideas up my sleeve including dying a swimming pool pink and having a pink pool night for everyone.  This will be done to coincide with the re-opening of Wellington swimming pool and I can't wait.

More hard work ahead but so rewarding.

FREE swimming sessions/lessons for 12 weeks for ladies who have had breast cancer surgery whether it be lumpectomies or a mastectomy it doesn't matter.  Just getting a lady back in the water following surgery so that they can build their confidence is what the project is all about.

It also doesn't matter if a lady can't attend consecutive weeks they will still get their full 12 weeks of sessions.

For further information please telephone 01952 371941 (there is an answerphone - if you do get this please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can).

Best wishes to you all.