Monday, 21 March 2011

An update

Finally I have managed to complete the theory of my Level 1 Teaching Aquatics Course.

I had my final practial assessment yesterday and this went well.  I learnt a lot and know I have lots more to learn.  As the tutor said every day is a school day.

I won't know the results for approximately 3 months so the waiting game is ahead.  I just have to be patient and hope that all my hard work has been worth it.  I am sure it has but will not know for sure until the IV informs the tutor that we met their standards.

Does this mean I put the two lever arch files into a corner and forget about them?

No.  I am going to be undertaking another course in April for which I will need the knowledge I have learnt from this course in order to pass that.

There is no resting on my laurels I am fully aware there is lots more to learn and lots more to achieve.

On Friday night at the swimming club I had to assess three swimmers from the group I help out with.  This was a challenge in itself for me.  I looked at what they had to do and wondered how I could explain what I wanted but make it fun too so that they didn't get bored with what I was trying to achieve with them.  I managed it.  At the end of the assessment they came and hugged me in their wet swimming costumes.  I didn't mind in the least as I seem to get very hot on poolside and the wetness cools me down.  Other staff don't seem to like this very much and the children become aware of who makes a fuss and who doesn't. 

The three swimmers will be moving up to the next group in swimming but I know I will be able to see them progress with their swimming as the time goes on as I help out with another group later in the evening and eventually they will be trained there.

I just hope I can achieve everything I want to achieve and also make progress.

It is just the waiting game now to find out how well I have done with my training.

Best wishes to everyone.


Monday, 7 March 2011

One Step Forward Three Steps Back

What do I mean by that heading above.  Well I have applied for funding to keep Swimming After Surgery (SAS) afloat.  The only problem is I won't know until the end of May if I have been successful with the funding.

In the meantime the funding that has been secured for Swimming After Surgery (SAS) runs out at the end of March 2011. 

This means unless I can obtain funding from other sources in the meantime Swimming After Surgery (SAS) will be dead in the water, before it has achieved its full potential.

I know times are hard but when women have gone through an ordeal such as breast surgery and come out the other end of hospital treatment they need to move forward with their lives.  This was why this stepping stone was set up.

Now I feel like I was getting somewhere but going nowhere fast, so hence one step forward three steps back.

I want to wave a magic wand and make everyone's problems disappear but this jsut isn't going to happen overnight.

It all takes time and slow progress.

Just like my Level 1 training.  Slowly but surely I am making progress.

I just have to keep making little steps to obtain the goal which is obtain my Level 1 qualification.  After that I hope to undertake a lifeguarding course in April.

I am making slow progress with my studying but will get there in the end.

My ASA Teachers Toolkit arrived today this will certainly help with the homework.

Yesterday at the pool/classroom was a good day.  I wasn't the only one struggling and finding some of the questions ambigious so felt much better than I had during the last couple of weeks.

I love swimming and the sport seems to love me.  I have no pain when in the water from my joints and I can really relax. 

This is the feeling I want to give to the participants of Swimming After Surgery (SAS) and I hope I can continue to do so.

Best wishes