Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Big Splash Continued

Here is a link to the BBC Big Splash

There are so many swim heroes I was amazed to hear their stories of courage and bravery.

It was a lovely evening and one I will never forget.

Best wishes


Friday, 13 May 2011

The Big Splash

I made a big splash in London yesterday. 

I am still pinching myself.  I can't believe that I got a trophy for what I do to help others.  I do it because I want to and the project Swimming After Surgery (SAS) was something that was badly needed.  It is a stepping stone between hospital treatment and public swimming to enable patients to gain their confidence to be able to move on with their swimming and with their lives.

Travelling to London yesterday by car was nerve racking and I was having to take deep breaths to get through it. 

My husband and I arrived early at the House of Commons a place I have never visited in my life before. 

The taxi driver who took us to the House of Commons was kind and very generous to us.  He ensured we got to where we wanted to go and dropped us as near as he could to save us struggling with the wheelchair.  He directed us to three policeman who would help us gain entry.

I was really nervous and really early.  They were concerned as to why we had arrived so early but I explained that we had travelled from Telford and that we were unsure as to how long it would take to get through the traffic and security.

They gave us a pass for the Public Gallery (this is Free). 

I was in my element listening to the speeches as it was about Fishing Law.  Something I used to work in as a legal secretary.  I was amazed listening to the lady MP from S.E. Cornwall (I was born in Cornwall) so this made my afternoon.

We then left the public gallery and headed down to the lobby.  I ended up people watching.

As soon as Mark Foster arrived I knew it was the right time to go to the security staff and head to where the reception was going to be. 

Little did I know how overwhelmed I would feel.  The building is very large and impressive. 

When we arrived at the reception I spoke to Mark Foster who is very down to earth. 

Myself and the other Swim Heros met outside.  There were some amazing stories and these have certainly stuck with me.  Many of them were humbling.

When I was called forward for my award I got a bit emotional but managed to keep it in check just to get through it. 

The award is not for me but for what I do with Swimming After Surgery (SAS).  To gain recognition so quickly for it has meant so very much. 

To find out more click this link

I really enjoy my swimming life and hope that othes will find satisfaction in their swimming.

Best wishes