Sunday, 4 March 2012

Forgot I was on Wheels

This evening I was teaching on poolside at The Court ASC.  Prior to teaching, I go through the teaching plan set for the sessions and work out what equipment is required.

Today was no exception.

One of my colleagues asked if I needed any floats.  In fact I didn't I needed woggles, which are long solid foam tubes, also known as Noodles.

I set off into the dry area to get the equipment I needed as was wheeling myself out backwards along with ten woggles.

Another colleague came in and burst out laughing at me as she could see how determined I was to get the equipment out for myself.  "I had better help you" was the response she eventually mustered after composing herself from laughter.

The chair of The Court ASC was also on poolside and offered to get the next lot of woggles out for me as I required a further 9.

It just shows that everyone is beginning to accept the situation of the wheelchair and me on poolside.  However, I do get teased about the speed limit. 

I am careful what I do except I can't see behind me and sometimes catch people witht he back of chair by mistake.

The children have certainly accepted that I trundle from one side of the pool to the other to ensure that they are swimming correctly and give further instruction as required.

I certainly love my life as a volunteer swimming teacher/coach.

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